Digital Signatures

Note: Signatures depends on the bouncy castle JCA Security provider. You will get a no such provider if it s not installed

For digital signatures, we support almost all algorithms in the JCA, except for the with style.

The default JCASigner interprets into any F[_]: Sync from cats-effect.


  import tsec.common._
  import tsec.signature._
  import tsec.signature.jca._
  import cats.effect.Sync
  import cats.syntax.all._

  val toSign: Array[Byte] = "hiThere!".utf8Bytes

  /** Signature Example:
  def pureSign[F[_]](implicit F: Sync[F]): F[(CryptoSignature[SHA256withRSA], Boolean)] =
    for {
      keyPair  <- SHA256withRSA.generateKeyPair[F]
      signed   <- SHA256withRSA.sign[F](toSign, keyPair.privateKey)
      verified <- SHA256withRSA.verifyBool[F](toSign, signed, keyPair.publicKey)
    } yield (signed, verified)

  Signature example with Either
  val sig: Either[Throwable, Boolean] = for {
    keyPair <- SHA256withECDSA.generateKeyPair[SigErrorM]
    signed  <- SHA256withECDSA.sign[SigErrorM](toSign, keyPair.privateKey)
    verified <- SHA256withECDSA
      .verifyBool[SigErrorM](toSign, signed, keyPair.publicKey) //Verify with the particular instance
  } yield verified