TSec - Tagless Security

TSec Is a type-safe general cryptography library on the JVM.

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For the current progress, please refer to the RoadMap.

For version changes and additions, including breaking changes, see either release notes or the Version Changes page.

Note on milestones:

Our Notation for versions is:

^ ^ ^____Minor
| |______Major
|________Complete redesign (i.e scalaz 7 vs 8)  

All x.x.x-Mx releases are milestone releases. Thus, we do not guarantee binary compatibility or no api-breakage until a concrete version(i.e 0.0.1). We aim to keep userland-apis relatively stable, but internals shift as we find better/more performant abstractions.

We will guarantee compatibility between minor versions (i.e 0.0.1 => 0.0.2) but not major versions (0.0.1 => 0.1.0)

0.0.1-M11 is here for scala 2.12+ and Cats 1.0.1!

To get started, if you are on sbt 0.13.16+, add

Name Description Examples
tsec-common Common crypto utilities  
tsec-password Password hashers: BCrypt and Scrypt here
tsec-cipher-jca Symmetric encryption utilities here
tsec-cipher-bouncy Symmetric encryption utilities here
tsec-mac Message Authentication here
tsec-signatures Digital signatures here
tsec-hash-jca Message Digests (Hashing) here
tsec-hash-bouncy Message Digests (Hashing) here
tsec-libsodium Nicely-typed Libsodium JNI bridge here
tsec-jwt-mac JWT implementation for Message Authentication signatures here
tsec-jwt-sig JWT implementation for Digital signatures here
tsec-http4s Http4s Request Authentication and Authorization here

To include any of these packages in your project use:

val tsecV = "0.0.1-M11"
 libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-common" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-password" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-cipher-jca" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-cipher-bouncy" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-mac" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-signatures" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-hash-jca" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-hash-bouncy" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-libsodium" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-jwt-mac" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-jwt-sig" % tsecV,
 "io.github.jmcardon" %% "tsec-http4s" % tsecV


All tests can be run locally.




Bouncy Castle


Big Thank you to our contributors (direct or indirect):

Robert Soeldner (Contributor/Maintainer)

Christopher Davenport(Contributor/Maintainer)

Harrison Houghton(Contributor/Maintainer)

Bjørn Madsen (Contributor)

André Rouél(Contributor)

Edmund Noble (For the dank tagless)

Fabio Labella (For the great FP help)

Will Sargent (Security Discussions)


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